Weekly Spotlight: Jackson, Wyoming

On this week’s spotlight, we shine a light on Jackson, Wyoming, and the recent Longform by Megan Barber of Curbed.


Jackson has been a town we’ve been following for quite some time at HudsonWorks, and with good reason. Arguably the most well endowed with nature of any city in the U.S. Jackson is a charming small town that has the amenities and capability to cater to some of the world’s wealthiest people. In fact, little Teton County home to just 23,125 people is one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Second only to New York County, Jackson’s Per Capita Personal Income is $94,672. This number is far higher than historically wealthy counties such as Marin (bordering San Francisco), Fairfield in Connecticut, Westchester in New York, Arlington in Virginia and Nantucket in Massachusetts. How can a town so small and remote from any major metropolitan area possibly beat out all of these historically wealthy and densely populated areas?

As a result of Jackson and Teton’s rapid ascent to wealth, the area is desperately struggling to keep up with the housing and services required to cater to a popular tourist and residential destination. Due to strong preservation laws of Public land, there is very little space to develop. Furthermore, the zoning code of Jackson is outdated and does not allow for higher density in the town center, as it was never needed prior to this past decade.

Read here to learn more about the affordability crisis in Jackson.




Teton is the most inequitable county in the country, here’s a handy map made by Curbed to illustrate the crisis.

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